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Leroy is the main man at Paddington’s and refers to himself as “the kingpin”. Able to make small talk, play darts, pour thirteen Hof, take food orders, supervise the staff, keep an eye on his kids, discipline troublemakers, have 20 holidays a year, and drink a cup of tea – all at the same time.


Well, what can be said? Fanatical masocist (supports Liverpool…), trainer loving Englishman, with a fine string of sarcastic wit well known from honoury scousers. Favourite drink is ‘alcoholic in a bottle’.

He is now going very grey due to having to work with Leroy on a regular basis!


The man with the driest humour in Sweden. Never leave your balls around when Lenny is in proximity as he is very quick in the tackle.


Paddingtons very own Queen Mum, who is at present obviously trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records for the most children in Sweden award!

Alway happy and a match for anyone who dares to give any cheek, so watch out!